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Dec 1, 2022


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Try out your Blackjack Skills in Blackjack Master, a free casino game. Start off with 2,000 chips and place your bet to deal out the cards. The goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. All Face Cards equal 10. Aces count as 11 or 1. Being dealt an Ace and a 10 (or face card) is a Blackjack. Once the cards are dealt, choose Hit to take another card, or Stand to not take another card. Double requires you to match your original bet, then one more card is dealt and you must stand at that point. Don't go over 21, which is called a Bust! Going over 21 forfeits your bet no matter what the dealer has. Likewise, if the Dealer busts, the player automatically wins as long as they did not also bust. Being dealt a Pair opens the option to Split. This option requires an extra bet matching your original bet. Your pair is then separated into two separate hands, which you will then play each hand normally. The last option is to surrender, which forfeits half of your bet, but you take back the other half. Winning hands pay out 1 to 1. Blackjack pays 3 to 2. The dealer must Stand at 17 or higher.


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